Alfa Romeo No. 1 in the American Customer Satisfaction Ranking

The Italian brand has been appreciated by American customers in the context of service and sales quality. Alfa Romeo took first place in the premium segment, ahead of e.g. Porsche and Lexus.

The last few months have not been the best time to buy a new car. Limited availability of vehicles and rising prices have affected the morale of customers who are less and less satisfied with the current situation. Despite this, there are still many brands whose offer and sales process satisfy buyers.

This is evidenced by the latest report by J.D. Power on satisfaction with the purchase of new cars in the USA. The surprising winner in the premium segment was Alfa Romeo, which jumped to first place from last year’s ninth position.

With an industry average level of satisfaction rated at 786 points, Alfa deserved 833 points. Among the premium brands, Porsche (831) and Lexus (819) followed closely behind.
Alfa customers declare that they felt well served and satisfied with their purchases, even in this difficult period marked by high prices and delays in deliveries. This is a good prognosis for the future and a distinction that should strengthen the position of the Italian brand overseas. TEAM

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