One of the most recognizable logos in automotive history has noticeably changed. We are talking about Audi’s four rings, which are now simpler, more modern and, above all, flatter than before.

The redesigned Audi logo debuted with the unveiling of the Q8 e-tron on November 9. Soon it will adorn all the brand’s new proposals. What changed? First of all, depth. Following the example of other brands, Audi decided to simplify its logotype, making it two-dimensional.

The flattening of the marking goes hand in hand with more contrasting colors – black, thin borders create a background for the white interior, making the logo clearer also from a distance.

Abandoning 3D for 2D may seem like a step backwards. However, Frederik Kalisch from Audi explains that such a procedure makes sense in terms of digitization. Simpler markings look better on the screen and in advertising materials. Audi decided to replicate them in reality, creating a “coherent brand image at all points of contact with the customer”.
It is worth noting that along with three-dimensional, the Germans also abandoned chrome. However, this material can be found in other body elements, such as the radiator grille. The manufacturer, despite the simplification of the logotype, still wants to expose it, as evidenced by the illuminated grill in the new Q8 e-tron. TEAM

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