Bulb dizziness, or how to choose the right light source?

Buying bulbs for dipped beam and high beam should not pose any difficulties – all you need to do is figure out what type was used in your vehicle. In practice, however, this is not always so simple, because the most popular H4 and H7 bulbs are currently produced in many varieties that can differ significantly in technical parameters

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Individual varieties of bulbs differ from each other so-called light color temperature. It is measured in Kelvin [K]. For example: a standard bulb generates yellow light with a color temperature of about 3000 K, and xenon lights reach a value of about 6000 K. This last is similar to the color temperature of daylight, thanks to which xenon lamps illuminate the road much better, providing a greater range of light. Thanks to the similar color to daylight, the driver can earlier notice a potential obstacle on the road and react accordingly.


Owners of vehicles equipped with traditional halogen lighting do not have to envy car owners with xenon, however. There are halogen bulbs on the market that emit bluish-white light, similar to xenon. Their color temperature is 4200 K, thanks to which these bulbs provide lighting characterized by high light contrast, which guarantees good visibility on the road. Attention! There are also poor bulbs on the market that have a blue colored bubble. The light they emit is similar in color to xenon, but the colored bubble stops part of it, limiting the range and amount of light emitted.


In addition to the high color temperature of light, the most advanced headlight bulbs also offer even longer range and more light illuminating the road in front of the car. The latest bulbs are capable of producing up to 130% more light than traditional xenon. In addition, it is up to 20% whiter, and the range of the light beam can be up to 40 meters longer. These bulbs, although by far the most expensive, provide much better visibility on the road, which in turn translates into increased travel safety.

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