Coronavirus in the car – how to take care of the interior and what is the best way to clean it?

According to WHO recommendations, hand washing, as well as cleaning and disinfecting touch surfaces are the two best ways to defend against the spread of coronavirus. But what about the interior of your car?

Audi cleaning

It is known that the most attention to car disinfection should be given to taxi drivers and persons providing transport services through applications. Although it is really worth that everyone in this difficult period for all of us took care of their own safety.

Vehicle owners should pay close attention to the disinfection of frequently touched surfaces: the steering wheel, door handles, gear stick, all buttons or touch screen, rods to activate e.g. indicator, armrests, handles and seat adjustments. Regular cleaning of these surfaces should be considered a necessity

What to wash and what not to wash?

It’s best to wipe all these surfaces with an alcohol solution containing 60-70 percent alcohol, as these are known to be effective against coronavirus. Jeff Stout, Executive Director for Global Innovation at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, also recommends cleaning surfaces with isopropyl alcohol. This company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of interior parts for cars and works with almost every major car manufacturer.

Vigorous washing with soap and water can also destroy coronavirus. “Cleaning friction is also involved in destruction,” says Stephen Thomas, MD, director of infectious diseases and director of health at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse.

What should you not wipe the surface of the car with? Do not use any bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Both can kill surface coronaviruses, but they will probably damage your car’s upholstery. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners for automotive touch screens, as these can damage the coating.

It is recommended to clean all surfaces with a microfiber cloth. They are made of a fabric consisting of small loops that trap and remove dirt and dust particles before they can scratch delicate or shiny plastics. TEAM

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