Driving in the fog. When to turn on the fog lights?

The hazy landscape may look picturesque, but limited visibility significantly impedes safe driving. How to ride in such conditions?

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FOG – How to drive?

Not always the presence of fog means that we should turn on the fog lights. The rear fog lights can only be used when the visibility is really bad (the conventional limit mentioned in the regulations is 50 m).

Why is it like that?

In light fog, the rear fog lights can blind the driver behind you. In addition, stop lights also become less visible, which may cause too late braking and collision. Turning on fog lights makes sense when the air transparency is so low that the position lights “sink” in the fog – explains Zbigniew Weseli, director of the Renault Safe Driving School.

When visibility improves, turn off the fog lights so as not to dazzle other drivers. A common mistake made by drivers is also using so-called low air transparency. long lights. Instead of illuminating the road ahead, they illuminate the fog and further impair visibility.

Driving in the fog. Drive safely

In fog it is crucial to adjust the speed to the prevailing conditions, and for smooth, predictable driving and smooth braking.

We should always drive at such a speed that we can stop on a stretch of road that is visible to us at a given moment. When visibility in the fog drops to several dozen meters, it can mean very low speed, but it can save us from collision. Especially that during fog we often deal with slippery surfaces – say coaches of the Renault Safe Driving School.

Similarly, if you are just entering a cloud of fog, it is wise to slow down. We don’t know what lies ahead – it could be a traffic jam or a broken car. This is especially important on highways and expressways, where a collision can easily occur.

Driving in the fog. Safe distance

In fog, many people tend to stay close to the car in front of us. Thanks to this, you can support its rear lights. However, it should be remembered that the distance from the vehicle in front should not be less than two seconds, especially since if the driver has the fog lights on, it is harder to notice the start of braking.

Driving in the fog. Use other senses

In conditions of very limited visibility, it is worth relying not only on the sense of sight, but also hearing. Therefore, it is best to turn off the radio, and in some situations, e.g. before crossing a railroad, lower the windows and, if necessary, also turn off the engine to be able to hear if there is anything coming. In fog, you need to eliminate all factors that could distract us – even conversations with passengers.

Driving in the fog. What in an emergency?

If we need to stop on the side of the road, the car should be set so that it is completely outside the road lane, and then turn on the hazard lights. However, we should only use this solution when there is no other option, e.g. in the event of a major accident. It is best to wait with a stop until the visibility improves or when you can exit to a secure parking lot

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