How much does it cost to upgrade Audi MMI?

The price vary on the MMI version. Upgrade costs at Audi garage might be huge up to £300-£400 or in USA/Canada even more expensive.

But by using our services you can get them a lot cheaper than you would pay at audi garage.

For example total update cost for USA and Audi A6 with firmware HN+R now costs £139,98* and includes more than audi can offer – as on Audi garage you will only get sat nav updated, we do offer full bundles which contain Audi Firmware update, Audi Maps update, Audi maps activation and the hidden green menu script, the same costs will be for Europe Audi A6 with HN+R.

MMI 3G Basic (Bnav) will be a bit cheaper £129,98*, you can also get just the firmware for price range £60-£70 or maps updates for £80-£90.

All prices can be found in our shop, you can choose if you want to update just the firmware, or just the maps or get the full bundle in better price.

If you don’t know what type of system you have, you can use our manual (click) or contact us with your current firmware version. We have also prepared a special tool (click), where you can insert your current firmware version and tool will show you what we have for you. TEAM

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