How to drive economically in winter: 4 tips for drivers

Each season of the year requires specific behavior from drivers. We can safely say that the winter period is one of the most demanding. Not enough that the weather conditions do not spoil, it is even more difficult to control economic combustion. Today we will convince you that driving a car in winter does not have to be so bad!

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How to drive in the winter:

Engine stopped

Some drivers say that in winter it is worth starting the car engine and waiting a few moments for the engine oil to reach the optimal temperature. However, from a practical point of view, it is pointless. Semi-synthetic and synthetic oils provide lubricating properties from the very first moments of operation. The only thing we gain is … more space in the tank. The engine, when idling in winter conditions, burns more fuel than normal.

A common scenario is the driver turning on the engine and then leaving the car to get rid of the frozen frost from the windows. It should be remembered that according to the Highway Code, leaving the engine running while the vehicle is stationary in a built-up area is prohibited and threatens with a fine. This is associated with excessive emissions to the environment and excessive noise.

High engine speed

The cold car engine means that in the first minutes of driving we have to gently handle the accelerator. Remember that adding too much gas or quickly pulling the leg off the clutch pedal on slippery surfaces causes the wheels to spin in place, which increases fuel consumption.

Engine braking

Why engine braking? Because it works great on slippery surfaces and does not require the use of a foot brake, which minimizes the risk of slipping. How do you brake the engine? Just remove your foot from the gas and the car will slow down. We change gears to lower when the car starts to “choke”.

Black ice on the road

When winter is not the harshest and the temperature fluctuates between negative and positive values, beware of the so-called black ice. What is black ice? This is ice, which at first glance is invisible. The surface seems to be dry and safe, only after driving on it does the driver feel the lighter walking steering wheel characteristic of driving on icy roads. In this situation, gently remove your foot from the gas, do not brake suddenly and slowly turn the steering wheel.

Driving in winter requires more preparation from drivers. Remember that slippery surfaces and worse visibility are not our superior. In addition to technique and a few tricks, it is equally important to adapt the driving style to the prevailing weather conditions. TEAM

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