MMI 2G High – How to enable hidden green menu

Hej, to enable hidden green menu on MMI 2G High you will need a VCDS, if you don’t have – check this link. Procedure how to enable green menu on MMI 2G High: Connect with module 07 – Control Head. Choose procedure 10 – Adaptation. Choose Channel 8. Read stored value. By default it should be 0. Change […]

Etka 8.2 – how to install? VirtualBox option.

If you have bought a Etka 8.2 from us, and don’t know how to start it up? Check the video below. Tools you might need You’ll definitely need a VirtualBox, which you can get from here (click). For macOS users, you need also download from AppStore application called: The Unarchiver (click) Windows users will need […]

Audi A8L 2006 with Xiaomi MI TV Stick – not only for A8!

This upgrade has been done on 2006 Audi A8L with rear seats entertainment. We used current screen installation, and just replaced OEM DVD changer with Xiaomi TV Stick. What we used? Xiaomi MI TV Stick HDMI -> RCA Converter 12V to 5V converter with 2 USB ports (option) We need to power 2 devices, Xiaomi […]

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