How to connect Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

How to connect with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

These are two of the most popular platforms that provide an extensive integration of our smartphone with the vehicle. This gives users access to many features that greatly enhance driver and passenger comfort, making the car a little more customized to our expectations. Android Auto on the car display – wired If you have a […]

How to use Android Auto wirelessly?

Android Auto wireless

Many users are wondering how to connect Android Auto to their car wirelessly. It’s very simple, but before we get started, it’s worth reviewing a few technical issues that not everyone knows about. How does Android Auto wireless work? The most important thing determines the wireless connection between the car and Android Auto is the […]

MMI 2G High – How to update firmware.

To update firmware on MMI 2G High, you will need to burn 3 CDs with firmware. Firmware you can get from here: EUROPE H2_HI_EU_K921 (5150)  H2_HI_EU_K942 (5570)  USA / Canada H2_HI_US_K864 (4610)  To burn ISO files on to CD we recommend CDBURNERXP (click) which is freeware software. How to prepare CD’s: How to install updates […]

MMI 2G High – Apple CarPlay installation instructions

Installation manual for Apple CarPlay / Android auto module (click) DISCLAIMER – This installation guide is designed to give an overview of the installation process only. Please take your car to a qualified automotive installer if you are unsure of your ability to perform the steps detailed within. Our liability only extends to the product […]

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