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  • I don't know how to install updates
  • How to unpack files?
  • How to enable hidden green menu on Mib units?
  • What payment methods are you accepting? / Payments with SOFORT.
  • Is the update safe?
  • What SDCARD size should I use?
  • Are you taking full responsibility of fault cause by updates?
  • Where from you got updates?
  • How to recognise what MMI do I have?
  • Any updates for my MMI?
  • I've got one of these errors 3GP:0 error code 160, GEMMI_nav:0 error code 141
  • Google earth is greyed out after firmware update.
  • My MMI can't find update
  • MMI displays "No update device found|
  • VCDS shows error "03276 – Please Check Software Version Management"
  • VCDS shows error "03623 – Invalid Security"
  • Navigation data is blocked / Navigation data not enabled
  • The medium is currently unavailable
  • Bose has stop working, or working incorrectly
  • What are the shipping prices?
  • My Etka doesn't work / or stoped working
  • How to install Apple CarPlay / Android Auto module
  • Cannot open green menu after firmware update
  • How to enable hidden green menu? (MMI 2G & 3G)
  • Can't pay in checkout!

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