How to install updates?

Everything you need, you can find on our website. Tutorials how to install:

All updates must be installed separately, you can’t put firmware / maps / activation on just one SDCARD – it will not work like that!

If you are making full MMI update (firmware + maps) you should first update firmware then maps.

If you have Bose or Bang Olufsen audio system it’s strongly recommended to enable first Hidden Green Menu (script it’s attached on to bundle pack) and enable user defined mode. More about how to disable update for Bose / Bang Olufsen you’ll find in above tutorials.

Those links you also received on order confirmation mail.. please read it and follow properly, step by step in correct menus.. and if you get any trouble visit this page first, take a closer look on manuals above.. as 99% your problems and email requests are about things which are already described in our tutorials / FAQ page, to save your & our time be more patient and read everything before you ask any question.