2023 Audi MMI 3G Europe Updates

What is Audi MMI 3G?

Audi MMI 3G is an infotainment system used in Audi vehicles. It stands for “Multi Media Interface 3G,” and it’s the third-generation version of Audi’s MMI system. MMI 3G is designed to provide a range of entertainment, communication, and navigation features to Audi drivers.

The MMI 3G system consists of a large central display screen that provides access to a range of functions, including music playback, satellite navigation, telephone and messaging features, and more. The system can be controlled using a range of methods, including a central rotary dial, voice commands, or even handwriting recognition.

One of the key features of the MMI 3G system is its integration with Audi Connect, which provides access to a range of online services, including weather updates, fuel prices, and Google Maps. MMI 3G also includes support for Bluetooth and other wireless technologies, allowing drivers to connect their phones and other devices to the car’s audio system.

Overall, Audi MMI 3G is a powerful and versatile infotainment system that provides a range of features and functionality to enhance the driving experience in Audi vehicles.

2023 MMI 3G Europe Updates

How to check what type of MMI you have? full manual can be found here (click), basically you need to look at your current firmware (can be found in mmi settings -> system version information).

If you have:

  • BNav_EU_123 – then it’s MMI 3G Basic
MMI 3G Basic
MMI 3G Basic
  • HNav_EU_123 – then it’s MMI 3G High
MMI 3G High
MMI 3G High
  • HN+_EU_AU3G_123 – then it’s MMI 3G Plus (in Audi A4/A5/Q5/Q7)
MMI 3G Plus / Audi A4/A5/Q5/Q7
MMI 3G Plus / Audi A4/A5/Q5/Q7
  • HN+R_EU_123 – then it’s MMI 3G Plus (in Audi A6/A7/A8/Q3)
MMI 3G Plus - Audi A6/A7/A8/Q3
MMI 3G Plus – Audi A6/A7/A8/Q3

Europe firmware

2023 Europe Map updates

Full bundle update packs

Which including firmware update, map update, hidden green menu script enabler

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto for MMI 3G units.

Audi MMI 3G units supports external modules for Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. They are really simple to install and available for ALL MMI 3G units.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us via email at [email protected] or use contact form here (click)

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