Apple CarPlay / Android Auto via software update? YES!

Audi Smartphone Interface – this is called by Audi, in some modern cars (manufactured after 2016) there’s a possibility to enable Audi Smartphone Interface which actually means Apple CarPlay / Android Auto functions.

On which cars can be enabled ASI (Audi Smartphone Interface)?

In most modern Audis, modern I mean manufactured after 2016 – but does it mean if I have 2014 I cannot have ASI? Yes and NO.. Will explain later.

So, how can I check if my Audi can have ASI?
– by checking your firmware version!

It is easy, go into your car, start your car and try to find in MMI your current firmware version. The best way would be by entering RED ENGINEERING MENU.

How to enter REM or GEM in Mib2

if your car doesn’t have the buttons console like on photos above, then in 99% will not be possibility to run Apple CarPlay or Android Auto via software update.. but still can have Apple CarPlay / Android Auto function!

but let’s back to the above photo, you need to enter REM (Red Engineering Menu).

Then go to Version information.

and if you have your “Current version” starting from:

  • MHI2_
  • MHI2q_

then it’s more than possible to enable Audi Smartphone Interface by upgrading the MMI firmware and Applying our script – full supported firmware list you will find here (click).

This script will patch your MMI and will activate Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, it will also add lifetime map license so you can install then maps from any source 🙂

for some Audis, we do have firmware update which has been already patched and don’t need to install script.

This is for Audi with firmware: MHI2_ER_AU57 and MHI2_ER_AUG11 only!

There’s a bundle pack with latest firmware update with pre-activated Audi ASI + lifetime maps license + 2023 map files & POI with speed cams (click here). If don’t need maps update or speed cameras POIs there’s also single firmware update available (click).

All other Mib2 units must use script to patch their MMI systems.

How to install script? Quite easy 🙂 Please check this manual (click).

What if my firmware version it’s not supported?

For other MMIs like MMI 3G Plus, MMI 3G High, MMI 3G Basic or even MMI 2G High, we have external modules which works perfectly, can also enable Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (booth supported!) and even can connect ANDROID TV BOX via HDMI on to that our module!

How to recognise my MMI version?

Well, above was for newest MMIs, here it’s for older versions:

and if you have firmware version starting from:

  • HN+_
  • HN+R_
  • Hnav_
  • Bnav_

We have excellent external module, with easy plug & play installation. More details about this product, you can find here (click), as well as installation manual (click).

If you have firmware starting from:

  • C6-HU
  • D3-HU

That means you have MMI 2G High, we also have external module to enable Apple CarPlay / Android Auto – click. Because it’s now really old unit, the installation it’s a bit difficult and I recommend to use special shop to install it. However most of our customers did the installation by they self without any problems, but I do recommend to check the installation manual first to decide if you can do that on your own. Installation manual can be found here (click).

What about the 2020-2022/23 car models?

Unfortunately, at this moment haven’t got any solutions to enable CarPlay / Android Auto on that models.. probably only audi garage can do that for now. TEAM

Audi maniac, owner of and big fan of Audi cars. Maps, firmware, car audio installer
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