Audi Connect – what is it?

Systems that integrate our smartphones with our cars are becoming more and more common. There are many solutions of this type on the market, and one of the companies that thrives in this industry is Audi. What distinguishes Audi Connect?

Audi Connect – general information

The first step the driver must take is to register on the MyAudi portal. You need to create a user account and then add the vehicle you use to your account. It is necessary to enter the VIN number of the vehicle. After confirming the data, it will be assigned to your account.

It is also very important to select the primary vehicle user function. It is worth knowing about the fact that this solution is dedicated to vehicle owners who have a vehicle compatible with Audi Connect Remote & Control. The next step is to verify the and set up a PIN number.

The user can choose several different methods to verify the account. You can use your cell phone or email address for this purpose. The last step that needs to be taken is to enter the 10-digit MMI code, which is printed on the hang tag attached to the keys, under the security foil.

Audi Connect functions

The number of interesting solutions that Audi has implemented here is enormous. The manufacturer once in a while adds new functionality through updates, so there is a good chance that our vehicle with the four rings logo after some time will receive another update, which will further increase its functionality.

Without a doubt, the MMI Connect mode is a great asset that drivers appreciate immensely. Its functionality far exceeds the typical functions usually offered by platforms of many companies that are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Audi took a multi-track approach to the task and didn’t just focus on providing lots of vehicle data or keyless activation capabilities. The manufacturer has thought about what should happen in a situation when an accident occurs. The answer to this question is precisely MMI Connect.

The driver has the possibility to call for assistance if there is an incident on the road. Assistance is delivered in two ways. First, the tool connects us to a service desk man who is specialized in providing a specific type of assistance.

Second, the computer will display data about the vehicle’s condition. You can find information about working circuits and whether the airbags have been activated. The vehicle can also initiate an autonomous first aid procedure and can self-report an accident. This can be of great importance especially in case of more serious failures.

Audi Connect, making it easier for you

The manufacturer provides a corresponding app for Android and Apple iOS. The configuration process is extremely simple. In fact, you only need to log in to your account on myAudi platform to quickly access your vehicle data. If you have several cars from this manufacturer, you can quickly move between them using a user-friendly interface.

The app serves a largely informative role. It is ideal for people who like to have access to a huge database. Not only will it check whether you’ve locked your vehicle doors (and you can even lock them remotely without having to go down to the car), but it will also give you fuel level data.

The latter in particular is of considerable importance. If you know you have a long drive ahead of you the next day and only started thinking about whether you’d need to go to the gas station before going to bed, Audi Connect comes to the rescue and immediately gives you precise information about the distance you can drive without refueling.

You also have access to advanced, in the opinion of many, the best navigation and a huge number of radio stations that are grouped by many different categories. Historical data is also worth appreciating. If the vehicle is used by several people, we can see when the car was started or when it was closed, and the engine turned off. These are quite a few improvements that should be appreciated by all lovers of the manufacturer. TEAM

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