Audi MMI updates for Europe Audi cars


I would like to show you what we have for European cars available on our website!



Bundle updates

What does it is?

Bundle update include 2 updates. Firmware and maps. If your firmware is too old then you might have a problem to install latest maps update. Specially for you we have created bundle updates which have:

  • latest firmware update,
  • latest maps update,
  • hidden green menu script enabler,
  • ECU 03 623 error removal scrip.

Please remember to read our tutorial how to recognise MMI version before you will buy update or start doing update, because otherwise you can brick your MMI!.

Links & types:

For more demanding people we have also prepared 1 year subscription, which mean that you will have access to any newest update (firmware, maps) without extra fee for 1 year of date of purchase. There’s also included hidden green menu enabler as well as ECU error removal script.


We do have also scripts available on our website, which are simply to run, just need extract on to SD CARD and insert it on to MMI. Some of them are already included in our bundle packs.


We do cooperate with many workshops throughout the Europe, specially for them we have prepared one big membership option, where for 1 off payment (for 1 year) they are getting access to the all stuff on website without extra fees! (only firmware / maps / scripts)

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

In our product line you can also find great modules to upgrade your Audi info-entertainment systems. Those products are not only for Europe cars! They will work worldwide!

Android stereos!

Some of you might have imported car from US to EU or other way. The most common problem is to make a proper conversion or exchange the whole MMI unit.. which is also quite expensive! We do have some special stereos which will also extend usability of your incar entertainment system!

Audi Connect

Our Audi Connect module works great on cars with MMI 3G Plus, which doesn’t have SIM card slot! Thanks to this module, you can enable Audi Connect and google earth layer on local maps + online address lookup.

Dash camera

We can now also offer special dash cameras which looks like OEM installations.


The best tools for diagnostics and coding.

If you have any questions about above products you can always contact us by using contact page. TEAM

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