BlackWeek promo just landed in our online store.

From today, to the end of this month you can use this promo code:


to get up to 30% of discount on our products!

How to use?

Add products to the cart, go to checkout on top of a page you will see:

just click on that link, and type above discount code, and press “APPLE COUPON”.

and that’s all! 🙂

How to find update for my Audi?

Quite simple, first of all you need to find your current FW version – this manual can be helpful (click).

When you know what’s your current firmware version and maps version, you can use then checking tool (click) which will show you everything what we might have for your car.

Sometimes might happen that our tool will not show anything, please contact us then. TEAM

Audi maniac, owner of and big fan of Audi cars. Maps, firmware, car audio installer
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