BMW Maps updates and other tools now on!


I would like to inform you that from today we have expanded a bit our products.

We do have now available maps updates for BMW for:

We can also generate original BMWl FSC code to activate your maps, which will not void your car warranty!

For everyone who would like to diagnose car without going to dealership or any garage we do have OBD cable: ENET. Thank to this cable you can code your BMW by your self.. some coding manuals will be soon available on!

Massive useful application collection also available to get from us. We have prepared a virtual machine with:

  • 1B CIC FSC file reader.
  • DE NBT FSC file reader.
  • E-Sys.
  • BMW FSC Generator.
  • Ediabas konfigurator.
  • HU service manager.
  • ISTA.
  • iTool radar.
  • NcdCafdTool.
  • New FSC Generator.
  • ZGW.

do not need to configure anything, everything should works straight away! Just remember it’s virtual machine, it can run on Windows / Linux / MacOS based computers.

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto for BMW

For NBT and CIC units, for everyone who don’t want to spend thousands of $$ to replace head unit, you can add just our module and enjoy Apple CarPlay / Android Auto in your BMW!

for more informations just click here. TEAM

Audi maniac, owner of and big fan of Audi cars. Maps, firmware, car audio installer
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Rendijs Sirmovics
Rendijs Sirmovics
2 years ago

Hi! Is it gonna work on windows 11 and latest laptop who don’t have RJ45 port?