Can I get myAudi dealer to update my MMI?

Yes, this is the official way to update your MMI through the dealership. You need to book an appointment with your local Audi garage, leave the car and pick it up after all. Sounds easy? well..

What pros?

  • Officially updated firmware / maps by Audi.
  • Do not need to spend a time to read how to install updates.
  • You will avoid bricking unit.
  • They might also diagnose your car.

What cons?

  • You need to find local audi garage, which might not be in your city.
  • Spend a time to deliver the car and then to pick it up.
  • They might try to take in you in additional costs (huge costs) if they found any fault in your car.
  • Most important: COST.. probably few times higher than you can do on your own.

What the other way?

The other way might sounds a bit complicated, but if you digg in you will find out that this might be a piece of cake.

You can do that on your own, what you need?

  • You need to get know which system you have, as audi manufactured few types of them, how to recognise? Please check this article (click).
  • Now if you know what system you have, you might enter your firmware details in this page (click) which will show you all update options that you might have.
  • You can also send us (via contact page) those informations and we will send you all updates possibilities 🙂

So i know what’s my system, i have already bought and downloaded all files, what should i do with them?

On each order confirmation email, you are receiving also links for online installation instructions. We have prepared them very carefully to be sure if you do this on your own, nothing will surprise you.

Where i can find them?

I know, not everyone are reading everything (literally everything) many people likes to skip some parts (and then sending us a lot of messages :)) but please be patient, we spend lot of hours to make that manuals for you.

First thing when you download the files, the best thing will be segregate the files.

Create folders like Firmware / Maps / Activation

Move the files on to each folder – there might be a lot of map files (multipart archive).

Unpack them by using application (free application).

When you finish unpacking everything, now you can start preparing SD CARD.

For firmware it might be 8GB but remember to format it as FAT32 (other file systems are not supported for updates by mmi).

Go into Firmware folder, go into unpacked folder and you will see lot of files and folder – move them directly on to SD CARD,


Do not copy firmware, maps, activation on the same card.. all of this updates must be done separate!

That was the short description, where i can find more detailed?

When you know what type of MMI you have (we can help you to recognise via email, or you can try to do by your self by using our manual – link) you can jump in to How to install section

Why you need to know what type of MMI you have?

Because there’s few types of MMI, like MMI 3G Plus, MMI 3G High, MMI 3G Basic, MMI Mib2, MMI 2G High etc.. all od them got different key schemes to enter update menus, reboot etc.. so you need to know on which diagrams looking at on our manuals 🙂

One more thing.. please read with understanding, do not rush, if you do not understand some parts just contact us – we are always happy to help you! TEAM

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