Dash camera for Audi!

Probably many of you had problems on road and difficulties to proof your innocence on Insuarance companies. This product will record your every drive journey and if needed you can download recordings for police or Insuarance company.

This camera doesn’t looks like other typical dash cameras for example:

Typical dash cameras
Typical dash cameras
Typical dash cameras
Typical dash cameras

but.. the might cause some different problem if you forget to take it off when leaving the car…

Problems with typical dash cameras...
Problems with typical dash cameras…

so why our product is different?

Our dash cam – looks like OEM!

Because it looks like OEM installation! Not like a dash cam, like rain sensor or other sensor which could be installed in your car! Which can also save you £150 on new window… – yes I had once to pay, as someone smashed my car window and stollen dash cam…

Specification of this product you can find HERE (click).

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