Firmware and maps updates for Audi MMI units!

We do have firmware and maps updates available for many Audi models.

Here we do have bundle updates for MMI 3G units:

which mean, there’s everything what you need to make full MMI update

  • MMI 3G Basic (5.28.2 & K0260_1_D1) – CLICK
  • MMI 3G High (6.29.1 & K0257_6_D1 ) – CLICK
  • MMI 3G Plus (HN+) (6.29.1 & K0942) – CLICK
  • MMI 3G Plus (HN+R) (6.29.1 & P1001) – CLICK

We do selling also separately firmware (click) and maps updates (click).

If you are not sure if update will work with your car, you can simply contact us (click), but before! please check this link (click), you can make a photo and send to us, we will reply ASAP.

You can also use our tool (click) to check what we got for your MMI!

If you are looking to upgrade your car with our hardware, we do have :

If you are from USA / Canada or Mexico please check this link (click). TEAM

Audi maniac, owner of and big fan of Audi cars. Maps, firmware, car audio installer
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