Some of you might just noticed that google earth won’t work, this is because audi has stopped supporting google earth layer on cars manufactured up to 2018.


Audi vehicles were initially manufactured to support Google Earth, but Google has since created a new software update in which the hardware in older vehicles will no longer be compatible with. Audi has taken steps to manufacture hardware that is compatible with the new software in MY19 and newer vehicles, but MY18 and older will no longer be able to use the Google Earth functionality as of December 31, 2020.

~Audi USA

But you don’t have to worry about standard maps, they will be still supported, just google earth layer will not be available as well as google streetview.

Hopefully in most Audi cars there’s an option to retrofit Apple CarPlay / Android Auto module where you can use google maps, waze or other satnav software – which in my opinion are much better than Audi satnav.

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