How to check if there’s update available?

We do have updates for many audi models. Most of them you can check by visiting our shop page, however you might be a bit confused how to check if any of them will be compatible with your mmi unit.

We have prepared tutorials how to check your current firmware version here, you will need this to check if we have any update available, we will also need this information when you’ll contact us.

How to check updates?

You can visit our page with application which you can use to check what we got for you mmi. Click here to get there.

Check audi upgrade
Check upgrade

if you know which firmware version you have already installed, you can type it there, for example if I got HN+_EU_AU3G_P0782, application will show me options:

check upgrade options
Check upgrade – options

There’s latest available firmware, maps, bundle pack (which contain firmware and maps update), membership option and other things.

It might also happen that application will show you nothing.. please contact us then to check if it’s correct or just application error.

We hope it will help you to decide which firmware you should install! 🙂 TEAM

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