Last MMI 3G Basic Europe map update 5.36.1


This is last map update audi released for MMI 3G Basic. There will not be any newest in next year as Audi has stopped supporting this system.. very sad 🙁

Map version: 5.36.1
Product number: 4G0060884AN

This product is available to purchase in our store here:

What next? It does not means that you cant use your system after that, you will just stick to this map version.

Remember, MMI 3G systems are great, you can also upgrade MMI 3G Basic to have Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, which means you can use Google Maps or Waze or many other applications supported by Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. Read more about this product here TEAM

Audi maniac, owner of and big fan of Audi cars. Maps, firmware, car audio installer
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