MMI 3G Low / Basic / High enable bluetooth music

Unfortunately not every MMI can stream / play music through bluetooth..

MMI 3G Basic (Low) & MMI 3G High got built-in bluetooth but unfortunately it does not support A2DP which is necessary when want to play music via bluetooth.

You have had few option to choose if you wanted to play music via bluetooth..

  • FM transmitter, which give really poor sound..
  • Retrofit with MMI 3G Plus, which is bit pricey..
  • Install CarPlay module or after market stereo, same like above.

I would love to present you product, which will give you native A2DP support on MMI 3G Low / Basic and High.

This product works like OEM, you can use steering wheel buttons & mmi buttons to control the music, switching, mute etc..

And it’s cheaper than new after market radio and with much better sound quality than FM transmitter.

Read more about it here. TEAM

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