New maps update for USA / Canada and Mexico – 6.22.1 [8R0051884HG]

Today arrived newest maps update for Audi MMI 3G units for USA / Canada and mexico.

The code number: 6.22.1
Product number: 8R0051884HG

This update its designed for MMI 3G Plus and MMI 3G High.

Mostly in Audi A1, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, Q7.

Product it is now ready to purchase & download:

Only maps & activation

Bundle packs

With firmware, maps updates, license, green menu enabler script.

What MMI do i have?

If you don’t know which MMI do you have, you can easily check it by checking firmware version. Try to find somewhere in settings menu call System version information. It might look similar to this:

Media version, software version means the MMI firmware version.

If you’ll see there on beginning HN+ (HN+_EU_AU3G_P0900 – first photo) it means it’s MMI 3G Plus, there can be also HN+R which also means it’s an MMI 3G Plus (but in different audis, HN+R it’s only in Audi A6/A7/A8/Q3).
Hnav (Hnav_EU_P0022_D1 – second photo) means it’s an MMI 3G High.

Please note, above photos comes from European cars, in US/Canada/Mexico you’ll have exactly same look, but in firmware name you should have US (HN+_US_AU3G_P0900) instead of EU (HN+_EU_AU3G_P0900).

I recently bought update? will i get this for free?

If you have recently bought maps update (from 1 of April 2021) you are entitled to get it for free! Just send us message from your email you have used to place your old order and we will give you access. TEAM

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