Remote installation – help


We are receiving quite a lot of inquiries for remote installation help and we decide to add this add-on on to our products.

What does it mean?

When you are buying firmware or maps you can add our help desk option in product page. We will assist you in whole configuration process, starting from tracing the files on to your own SDCARD’s (some people have got problems with it) by using TeamViewer to assist in whole update procedure, you will only need to follow our voice instructions. We can use Skype or What’s App to do that.

But don’t worry if you want to do it on your own by using our tutorials

you don’t have to pay for our help. We think our tutorials are very well explained and everyone can do that, however some people might need assist and this new add-on it’s for them.

If you bought from us firmware or maps, but has not selected remote help and some problem appeared please send us a message by using contact page, but please keep in mind we might reply a bit later – up to 48h.

How to book in?

Simply, select REMOTE HELP – YES in product page

and after purchase please contact with us (you can reply on order mail which you will receive after purchase) and tell us when would like us to assist you – we will confirm or propose different date/time. TEAM

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