Stream music to MMI 3G High and MMI 2G – We have got solution!


Some of you might be really disappointed when buying your new car and can’t play music through your smartphone. Now when we have Spotify / YouTube music with very low cost monthly payments you can listen whatever you want wherever you are.

Only newest MMI 3G Plus will allow you to play music through Bluetooth or USB (if it has AMI port and AMI->USB adapter). It older MMI’s it’s not available.

We would like to present you our new product which will allow you stream music to your MMI bvia bluetooth or AUX or USB!

It’s suitable for:

  • MMI 2G Basic,
  • MMI 2G High,
  • MMI 3G Basic,
  • MMI 3G High.

There’s only one requirement : You car must have CD-CHANGER in glove box, because our MOD is using CD-CHANGER fibre.

But after that, you will see in your MMI another option in Media tab, it will mbe Audi Music Interface

Audi Music Interface - Stream music to MMI 2G & 3G
Audi Music Interface – Stream music to MMI 2G & 3G

It’s really easy to assemble and everyone should be able to do this!

It’s just plug & play!

More about products:

For other MMI’s we do have also option to run Apple CarPlay TEAM

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