Apple CarPlay compatible apps

Apple CarPlay is a platform that is generating a lot of interest from people who want to integrate important data from their smartphone into their car. Compatible apps play a key role in this task. Which software is worth paying special attention to?

Compatible apps with Apple CarPlay

The role of apps in the Apple CarPlay ecosystem

Despite the fact that the key elements of the platform’s functionality are provided by Apple, it is impossible not to see that the strength of this solution lies precisely in the support of external companies. It is thanks to them that you can use many additional features that further expand the possibilities of CarPlay. The list of such applications is growing literally from week to week and there is no indication that this trend will slow down in the near future.


Undoubtedly one of the most successful music applications, which since some time also supports podcasts. Spotify is a subscription service, but you can also use the free version of the tool. Then, however, we have to be aware of the presence of ads.


An instant messenger that puts a lot of emphasis on privacy. The application is very popular because it allows you to quickly make free calls between people who are sometimes thousands of kilometers apart.

The service also allows users to send each other multimedia files and create thematic groups where several people can talk to each other. The tool is constantly evolving and there is no indication that its popularity could drastically decrease in the near future.


This is a software created by a Google subsidiary that makes navigation easy. You can set a destination point there and the software will quickly choose the best route for you. For some time now, you can also quickly manage music and messages using Waze.


A very interesting application for audiobook fans. You can continue to “read” your favorite books, listening to their content when you are driving a car. Recently the creators have also collected a lot of interesting podcasts.

Other apps you should know

Without a doubt, iHeart Radio is worth mentioning. This tool is a great choice especially for people who like niche music served by not very popular online radio stations. The functionality of Pandora, whose operating model is comparable to iHeart Radio, looks similar.

Of course, it is impossible to make a list of such useful apps without Google Maps. It is one of the best free navigation apps we have on the market today. Importantly, information about traffic jams and road conditions is updated literally in real time.

Apple apps

Without a doubt, two of them play a key role: phone and messages. It’s safe to say that your list of Apple CarPlay apps should always start with these two tools, as they serve a primary function in the entire ecosystem: they allow you to make calls and manage text messages.


A basic app for listening to your favorite songs. It can be combined with the Apple Music service, which, according to many, will grow in the near future to a worthy rival of other streaming platforms. For now, the list of songs and artists is not impressive, but Apple is constantly expanding it.


A solution from Apple that competes with Google Maps. Despite the fact that in many ways this rival app is better, it is hard not to see the contribution that the company from Cupertino has put into this tool. Without a doubt, this is a very good replacement for Google Maps. Is it better? Well, opinions will be divided.


One of the two or three key apps in the entire ecosystem. It not only allows you to quickly check your text messages, but also gives you the opportunity to reply to them. It is a pity that Siri, the intelligent assistant from Apple does not support communication in more languages. Users from countries where Siri is not officially supported can only communicate in English.


As the name suggests, this is a collection of books which are available to listen to. On a positive note, you can already find many interesting titles there. Without a doubt, this is a successful service that has a bright future ahead of it.


If someone looked at the mainstream media, including nationwide news sites, he would quickly come to the conclusion that podcasts are currently on the rise. Apple is aware of this and already offers its own app of this type.

The advantage is that you can find there a lot of valuable content. It is clear that the manufacturer understands the importance of this model of communication with the audience and does its best to attract as many people as possible.

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