Our services

What can we offer to you?

  • Audi MMI 3G firmware & maps updates
  • Audi MMI coding (enabling hidden green menu, cornering lights, gauge test and other stuff like that!)
  • VIM / video in motion
  • Audi service interval reset
  • Installing after market subwoofers with MMI control.
  • full ecu diagnostic and errors cleaning
  • car remaps / chip tuning
  • bose / b&o rescue after firmware update – it happen when you not exclude bose update from firmware (doesn’t work subwoofer, fader etc..).

Price list


Audi MMI 3G firmware update £50 (firmware included)
Audi MMI 3G maps update £80 (maps included)
Audi MMI 3G firmware & maps update £120 (maps and firmware included)
Enable hidden green menu via VCDS £20
Check & clean ECU errors £30
VCDS coding (please check available coding on list below) from £30
Installing after market subwoofer – check our store! £100 + your subwoofer / amp (included RCA converter)
Car remaps From £250
Rescue BOSE system after firmware update £100

Available VCDS coding list:

1. Enable Hidden menu in MMI 3G
2. Enable Hidden menu in MMI 2G
3. Adjust bluetooth microphone sensitivity
4. Adjust Back-up Camera Picture
5. Disable After-wipe of windscreen wipers
6. Disable amber corner lights
7. Disable Key warning (keyless models)
8. Disable LED ‘wink’ on turn signal – pre facelift
9. Disable LED ‘wink’ on turn signal – facelift
10. Dim LED blink on turn signal for US cars
11. Disable “Lights are on” Warning
12. Disable NAV & Phone warning messages while entering data at speed
13. Disable Seatbelt Chime
14. To mute the Soundaktuator
15. Enable Adaptive brake lights
16. Enable Optical rear parking for cars without front parking sensors
17. Enable Automatic Gear selection shown in DIS
18. Enable Automatic Hill Hold Assist ‘lite’ only works on certain abs modules
19. Enable Auxiliary ventilation
20. Enable Battery meter *does not appear to work on facelift cars with MMI 3G+ HDD Navigation
21. Enable DIS with Efficiency Program for MY2010+ (Not a complete Program without the Start/Stop System)
22. Enable Double Disarm Beep
23. Enable Drivers Memory Seat
24. Enable DRL Selectable via MMI
25. Enable Audi Drive Select without the buttons
26. Enable interior lighting option for pre-facelift
27. Enable interior lighting for facelift cars
28. Enable fog lamp to come on for the same side as that turn signal
29. Enable Front Turn Signals as Parking lights
30. Enable Gauge Test/Needle Sweep 
31. Enable Headlights on all the time 
32. Enable Horn confirmation on locking
33. Enable Import CDs to MMI’s HD 
34. Enable Independent Fogs control with high beams
35. Enable Lap Timer
36. Enable Remote Operation Windows and Sunroof
37. Enable Rear Tail Lights on with DRLs
38. Enable Release Parking Brake without putting foot on Brake
39. Enable Release Parking Brake without putting seatbelt
40. Enable Reverse mirror tilt 
41. Enable Speed on chorus, concert or symphony display 
42. Enable ‘Tourist’ Mode – Headlight Convertor (MMI 2G) 
43. Enable Video in motion on MMI 
44. Set Audi parking system – Switch OFF Speed 
45. Set ADS to specific preset Comfort, Auto, Dynamic or Individual 
46. Set Headlight washer – Duration 
47. Set Headlight washer – Cycles 
48. Adjust Consumption in DIS 
49. Adjust LED brightness 
50. Select language in DIS
51. Activate SDS for cabriolet
52. Change fuel-tank characteristics
53. To increase radio play time after car is turned off

Please be aware, all above services from August 2019 are provided only for Poland.