Audi A3 firmware update
Want to update firmware in Audi A3? Looking for genuine software for your car? Check out our offer! In our store you’ll find a wide range of updates for Audi A3 – not just the latest software, but also maps and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay modules. Learn more about our firmware updates and upgrade your Audi A3!

  • Europe

    Europe (23)

    Audi A3 MMI Firmware and Map Updates: Europe is pleased to offer MMI firmware updates specifically designed for Audi A3 owners in Europe. With our comprehensive range of updates, you can ensure that your Audi A3's MMI system is up to date and optimized for the European region.
  • USA

    USA (11)

    Audi A3 Firmware and Maps Updates: USA / Canada / Mexico. is pleased to offer comprehensive firmware and maps updates for Audi A3 owners in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Our updates are specifically designed to enhance the performance and functionality of your Audi A3's MMI system, ensuring a seamless driving experience in North America.

Firmware for Audi A3 – update right for your car!

If you’re looking for original firmware for Audi A3 you’re in the best place possible! We’ve got the latest software, compatible with all MMI types used in this model – like MIB Entry, MIB1 STD, and MIB1 HIGH. The Audi A3 firmware updates are currently available for Europe.

Besides single firmware updates we also offer:

  • map updates for Europe,
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay modules for cars with MMI 3G, 3G+, and MIB
  • Apple CarPlay modules for cars with MMI MIB1 and MIB

All of our products are original and come straight from Audi – so they are totally safe for your car’s MMI!

Check which firmware for Audi A3 you need

Not sure which firmware update is right for your Audi A3? First of all, you’ll need to know which MMI you’ve got. You can check this easily in the Engineering Menu of your car’s MMI. To get there you have to simultaneously push CAR and BACK buttons. In the Engineering Menu you’ll see the current firmware version – write it down and compare it with the list below:

  • MMI 3G Low/Basic: BNav_XX_XXXXX
  • MMI 3G High: HNav_XX_XXXXX
  • MMI Mib2: MHI2_XX_XXXX

You can also use our Check Upgrade Tool – just write the firmware version number in it and you’ll get both the information about your MMI type, and about the available updates. Still not sure which firmware update for Audi A3 is right for your car? Contact us!

Firmware for Audi A3 installation

You’ve found the right firmware for your Audi A3 and purchased it. What now? After the payment you’ll get the download links with the firmware. Download the files, unpack them with 7zip and put them on a SD card that was previously formatted to FAT32 file system. Your Audi A3 firmware update is now ready to install!

To install the update you have to go to the Engineering Menu of the MMI and insert the SD card in the card slot. Then choose the “Update” option, select the source and firmware, and, on the next screen, click “Update” and wait around 30-60 minutes for the update to complete. That’s all!

If you’ve got any problems with the firmware for Audi A3 installation check our tutorial or contact our support team!