Audi A4 Conversion Packs: Australia/New Zealand to Europe is proud to offer conversion packs specifically designed for Audi A4 owners who wish to convert their vehicles from the Australia/New Zealand region to Europe. Our conversion packs include firmware updates, maps updates, and even the activation of the hidden green menu, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal functionality in the European region.

Audi A4 Conversion Packs: Australia/New Zealand to Europe presents conversion packs tailored for Audi A4 owners in Australia and New Zealand who want to convert their vehicles to the European region. Our conversion packs include the following:

  1. Firmware Update: The conversion pack includes the necessary firmware update to ensure compatibility and optimal performance in the European region. Enjoy enhanced functionality and the latest software features specifically designed for European Audi A4 models.
  2. Maps Updates: With our conversion pack, you will receive updated maps for the European region. Stay on track with accurate and up-to-date navigation information, including updated points of interest and improved route guidance.
  3. Hidden Green Menu Activation: Unlock the hidden green menu in your Audi A4’s MMI system with our conversion pack. Access advanced settings and features that are typically available in European models, allowing you to customize and optimize your Audi experience.

By choosing our conversion packs, you can seamlessly convert your Audi A4 from the Australia/New Zealand region to Europe, ensuring that your vehicle is equipped with the appropriate firmware, maps, and hidden green menu for a smooth transition.

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Visit now to explore our conversion packs and convert your Audi A4 from Australia/New Zealand to Europe. Experience the benefits of updated firmware, European maps, and the hidden green menu, enhancing your Audi driving experience in the European region. is committed to providing high-quality conversion packs tailored to Audi A4 owners in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.