Car Audio for Audi

Looking for some car audio for Audi upgrades? Check out our offer! In our shop you’ll find a wide range of products – adapters, DVB-T modules, audio wires, stereos, and many more! All of them are genuine and will let you use brand new functionalities in your car. Choose our car audio modules and upgrade your Audi!

  • Bluetooth & AUX

    Bluetooth & AUX (3)

    Audi Bluetooth & AUX module Firmware upgrade in cars is an extremely important issue. It can effectively protect you from many problems with the functioning of the car. This is a very effective way to quickly eliminate potential errors in the operation of the basic version of software, which was provided by the manufacturer.
  • DAB & DVB-T

    DAB & DVB-T (4)

    DAB & DVB-T Extend your car entertainment system by adding DVB-T FREE TV or DAB+ Module which is available for MMI 2G & MMI 3G systems!
  • Adapters

    Adapters (3)

    Car audio adapters Very handy car audio adapters which you might need when upgrading your car audio installation in your Audi!
  • Wires

    Wires (4)

    Car audio wires for Audi
  • Stereos

    Stereos (1)

    Audi stereo upgrade Completely plug & play after market stereos! Upgrade your audi radio / stereo to modern one! Easy installation and really big expand for you in car entertainment.
  • Dash cam

    Dash cam (1)

    Audi Dash Cam Dash cameras for Audi cars, looks like oem cameras with bluetooth app.

Car audio for Audi – what you’ll find in our offer?

What kind of car audio for Audi upgrades can you buy in our store? First of all – a wide range of adapters, like Bluetooth, AUX, and USB modules that’ll allow you to play your favorite music from many different sources, like your phone or an USB memory stick. We also offer DAB+ and DVB-T tuners for Audi, audio wires, stereos, and dash cameras. Learn more about car audio for Audi!

Audi DVB-T and DAB+ modules

Want to upgrade the entertainment system in your car? Check out our Audi DVB-T TV FREE and DAB+ modules! They are compatible with MMI 2G and 3G – you can use them in almost all of the Audi models with these infotainment systems. What new functionalities you’ll get thanks to our DVB-T and DAB+ modules?

The Audi DVB-T tuner and Media Player will allow you to use TV FREE in your MMI. It’s a real time Full HD Video Decoder with an automatic search function. It also has a microSD slot for multimedia playback – and a Media Player Mode. With the Audi DVB-T tuner you’ll be able to play videos in all of the popular formats, like MP3, WAV, MPEG-I / II / IV, VOB, AVI, DivX, Xvid, MKV, TS, MOV.

The digital DAB+ tuner will let you use digital radio in your MMI 2G or 3G. It supports the DAB / DAB+ standard, is compatible with the factory car antenna, and has some practical features, like tracking a selected radio station during driving or CD emulation. Last but not least – you can operate it directly from the MMI navigation panel!

Audi adapters for Bluetooth and more!

Want to steam music via Bluetooth, AUX or USB? Or maybe after an installation of a new radio subwoofer and rear speakers do not work? Check out our Audi adapters for car audio! In our store you’ll find:

  • Bluetooth / AUX interface for MMI 2G,
  • USB / Bluetooth interface for MMI 2G High that’ll let you play music from USB flash memory,
  • Bluetooth and AUX modules for MMI 3G,
  • Audi adapters for subwoofer and rear speakers, thanks to which you’ll be able to use those speakers after changing the original radio for a new one.

Car audio wires for Audi

Our car audio for Audi offer wouldn’t be complete without wires and converters! If you’ve got troubles with connecting various elements of the car audio equip yourself with our converters and wires like:

  • High input to RCA converter with which you’ll be able to connect an amp or a subwoofer to the MMI,
  • RCA Audio Video cable that’ll let you play analogue audio and video via MMI,
  • MMI to AUX cable – compatible with most Audi models, and also some of the VW, Skoda, and Seat cars,
  • MMI to USB cable that’ll let you charge your phone or play music from USB.

Stereos and dash cameras

In the car audio for Audi category you’ll also find aftermarket stereos – plug-and-play, easy to use, and with the most recent functionalities! Equip your Audi with a new, big screen that’s also a powerful multimedia system – with navigation, steering button support, support for the most popular apps and many more! Besides stereos, we also offer hidden dash cameras. Check out full specification of our products and upgrade car audio in your Audi!