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Car audio adapters


When replacing the factory radio on AUDI cars, it may happen that after installing a new radio (e.g. Sony Pioneer or other) the rear speakers and Subwoofer do not work. Iso cubes alone are not enough. You need a special module, after which everything will work fine. We offer a brand new car module: AUDI [...]

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Stream music via Bluetooth / AUX interface for Audi MMI 2G & 3G The AUDI-BT Bluetooth module enables wireless transfer of music files from the phone to MMI 2G / 3G. The module can operate in parallel with the factory handsfree. While streaming A2DP music, song information appears on the car’s display. The module additionally [...]

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USB / Bluetooth interface for Audi MMI 2G HIGH interface allows you to play music from USB flash memory with a maximum memory of 32G by the factory navigation unit MMI 2G HIGH. After connecting the USB flash memory to the USB port, the playlist displays on the LCD monitor, which can be controlled [...]


Fibre Optic Bypass Loop Diagnostic Connector [4E0973802] Free Worldwide shipping!   Brand: Audi Part Number: 4E0973802 / 4E0 973 802 Package Contains: 4E0973802 (1pcs)  Linked Vehicles:       Brazil EL Elekt.Verbind.-Elem. 1947 – 2017 GO Golf 2013 – 2017 GOB Golf 2016 – 2017 GOM Golf 2015 – 2017 GOV Golf Variant 2015 – 2017 TOUA Touareg 2011 – [...]


Want to connect amp & subwoofer with your MMI? You might need that converter from High input to RCA to be able connect after market amplifier.  Pre-cut easy connecting input line. Level adjustment control. Gold-plated RCA output connectors.

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