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What is DVB-T?

DVB-T is a DVB digital television standard broadcast from terrestrial transmitters

What are the benefits of DVB-T?

More channels

Transmitters, thanks to digital broadcasting, can broadcast more television programs within one channel. Currently, we can watch one program on one channel.
In the case of digital broadcasting on one channel, you can receive one so-called multiplex or a set of several TV channels, including HD programs.

Definitely better picture and sound quality

Digital terrestrial television ensures perfect picture and sound quality. Watching a digital image, we will not see “snowing” or “reflections”, which often cause great discomfort in watching analog TV. No such phenomena occur in the digital image.
Audio in DVB-T is also transmitted digitally in the highest quality. In addition, we can receive multi-channel (surround) Dolby Digital sound.

Additional features

In addition to the highest picture quality, sound and more channels, DVB-T offers a feature that increases the convenience and attractiveness of watching TV.

EPG is an electronic program guide thanks to which we can see on the screen a television program of all channels that we can receive – buying a paper program is no longer necessary.

PVR – Having the right tuner, we can also record (programmable) TV programs and stop the program that is being broadcast for a moment.

VoD digital television also gives the possibility of using the “Video on Demand” service, i.e. a virtual movie and program rental. We can select a movie at any time using the remote control and watch it whenever we want – just like a movie on DVD.

What is DAB + digital radio?

The digitisation of radio is a new chapter in the history of radio broadcasting. DAB + (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus) or new digital radio technology is the future of the analog medium and a response to the expectations of the modern recipient. Making changes means better sound quality, more choice and new possibilities.

DAB + enables the emission of digital sound, offering a number of additional solutions, including sending descriptions, images and traffic information for navigation systems.

Advantages of DAB + technology

Easy station finding
Choices are made after station names, not just frequencies
Greater channel selection
The new technology significantly extends the available programming offer

Navigation is limited to one button

Clear, noiseless sound
It is not distorted or disturbed, also in motion

Listening planning
It allows you to program listening or recording programs up to a week before they are broadcast

Additional services
It allows you to send texts, pictures, slide shows