Car audio wires for Audi


Want to connect amp & subwoofer with your MMI? You might need that converter from High input to RCA to be able connect after market amplifier.  Pre-cut easy connecting input line. Level adjustment control. Gold-plated RCA output connectors.

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AMI MMI 3G High and Plus RCA Audio Video Cable Adapter wire for connecting devices with RCA/phono connectors. Enables playback of analogue audio and video media. Compatible with RCA jack/phono adapter. Works great with MMI 3G High and Plus  


Audi MMI to AUX Cable Simply connect your 3.5MM Audio device(ipod/iphone/smartphone/MP3 player/MD) to your AUDI AMI/MMI system or VW / SKODA / SEAT MDI MMI system with this adaptor, use as a connector of ‘Entertainment Source’ No control from receiver or steering wheel No music information shows on receiver. Features: 1.Simply plug it into the [...]


Audi MMI to USB Cable interface Listen the music files in the USB stick via the Audi Music Interface (AMI) / Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI). The USB port can be used as a charger for your smartphone or to read USB Flash stick for music. You have to activate the AUX mode in the [...]

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