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Collection of SD CARD scripts to run directly in your Audi MMI system


All ZDC files for VCP usage. Direct link to download after clear payment. There’s around 18,5MB to download. Those files are included in our VCP product. 

$1,957.80 $1,506.00

What is this? This is 1 year membership for any firmware and maps updates – that mean you don’t have to buying newest maps/firmware update when they will are released – you will get them without extra fees. – and you will getting them for 1year. This option is dedicated to any workshops / garages, [...]


This product is included on to our UpgradeMyAudi-Box (link), so if you buy our box, you will get this for FREE!! Otherwise if you want to make your own box to run Audi Connect and Google earth on MMI without SIM card slot this product is for you. Please keep in mind, we do not [...]


This script will enable emergency mode. If your MMI is bricked, this might help to force firmware re-installation.  After downloading, unpack and copy content from parent directory on to root folder on SD CARD. 


This script will remove 03623 – Invalid security 03677 – Missing Security/Release Code on 5F Information Electr errors which might appear after maps/firmware update. Download script, unzip, copy on to SD CARD and apply in MMI.  After all, reboot MMI:   more informations about this script you can find here

$15.06 $12.03

This script will allow you to change MMI splash screen, how to use it you can find here


Audi Hidden Green Menu script enabler. This script will enable hidden green menu in audi. Click here to check how to install. Yahoo/outlook sometimes blocking our emails or treating them as a spam/junk to please also check that folder, if our message will go straight to the spam, you can click there on option “It’s [...]

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