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Audi MMI 3GP HN+ / 3G Plus / Bundle – Latest Maps & Firmware. 6.28.2 & K0946 – Europe! THERE’S NEWEST BUNDLE UPDATE AVAILABLE! WITH NEWEST MAPS! CLICK HERE TO GET THERE! This bundle contain: AUDI MMI 3GP 6.28.2 8R0060884GA – LATEST EUROPE AUDI MAPS. HN+ EU AU K0942 [8R0906961FC] – LATEST US FIRMWARE FOR [...]

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Latest firmware for Audi A4 MMI 3GP / 3G+ HN+_EU_AU3G_K0942 [8R0906961FC] After clear payment, you will receive download links, there’s around 790mb to download. How to install? Instructions how to install, you can find on our website: How to install firmware.. Common problems during maps / firmware update. Are you looking for bundle? Firmware + [...]