1 year membership MMI 3G+ Maps & firmware update – Europe only!


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What is this?

This is 1 year membership for mmi 3g plus firmware and maps updates – that mean you don’t have to buying newest maps/firmware update when they will are released – you will get them without extra fees. – and you will getting them for 1year.

What’s in membership

  • Latest available maps for MMI 3G Plus.
  • Latest available firmware for MMI 3G Plus.
  • Hidden green menu activation script.

How it’s working?

When the new maps or firmware will be released you will receive informations email from us. Then on product page instead of Add to cart you will see DOWNLOAD

How to install?

Instructions how to install, you can find on our website:

  1. How to enable Hidden green menu.
  2. How to install firmware.
  3. How to install maps.
  4. Common problems during maps / firmware update.
  5. 03276 – Please Check Software Version Management
  6. 03623 – Invalid Security


There are 2 types of MMI 3G Plus, one of them got HN+R another HN+ in name! Please read carefully this tutorial and make sure you are installing proper one!


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