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After market subwoofer upgrade


Subwoofer *

Amplifier *

Wire kit *

RCA Converter *

If you selected BassFace DB4.3 amplifier it comes with own high input to rca.

Sound proofing *

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If you want to have more bass in your car, this service is for you. 
We are offering after market subwoofer installation for Audi cars with:

  • MMI 3G Basic
  • MMI 3G High
  • MMI 3G Plus

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Wire kit:

RCA Converter:

    But if you selected our amplifier: BASS FACE DB4.3 – you don’t need to take this converter. Amplifier comes with own converter

Sound proofing:


    2mm thick pure Butyl ‘High Tech’ damping material with a 150um Aluminium foil backing.

    This pack contains 1.65m2:

    • 33cm x 500cm
    • Weight: 3.4 Kg per square meter.

After purchase please contact with us to book an appointment, you can come to us (Peterborough) and leave car – whole process will take around 6-7h or we can come to you, but some fuel fee might be charged – on Our Services page you can find calculator – just put your post code and approx price will appear. 



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