Apple CarPlay / Android Auto for BMW NBT and CIC



Apple CarPlay / Android auto for BMW NBT and CIC units.

This modules it is for BMW units which doesn’t have builtin Apple CarPlay application. Our module will add great feature for iOS and Android phones which is Apple CarPlay / Android Auto.
You don’t need to change your whole unit, you can only add this module. Installation takes around 30 minutes.


  • Compatible with BMW CIC and NBT systems. After the installation is complete, easy operation and switching between the system and CarPlay / Android Auto.
  • Possibility of wireless and wired connection with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. (NOTE! Some Android smartphones do not support wireless connection with Android Auto!)
  • Sharing the screen from the smartphone directly to the navigation screen in the car.
  • A reversing camera or a 360 camera system can be connected (not available for sale)
  • Control via buttons from the NBT radio and buttons on the steering wheel
  • Simple plug & play installation (at NBT you only need to insert the fiber optic plug into the cables supplied with the module – no cut!).

Phones that support Apple CarPlay / Android Auto wireless connectivity.

  • CarPlay: IPhone 5 and above.
  • Android auto: Pixel Pixel XL /  Pixel 2 Pixel 2 XL / Pixel 3 Pixel 3 XL / Pixel 4 Pixel 4 XL / Nexus 5X Nexus 6P
    Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ Note8 / S9 S9+ Note9 / S10 S10+ Note10 / S20 S20+

Compatible with:

  • BMW 1 SeriesConvertible E88 (2008-2013), Coupé E82 (2008-2013), 3-door Hatchback E81 (2008-2011), 5-door Hatchback E87 (2008-2011), 5-door Hatchback F20 (2010-2018), 3 – door Hatchback F21(2010 – 2018);Sedan F52 (2015-2018)
  • BMW 2 Series: Active Tourer F45 (2013-2018), Convertible F23 (2014-2018), Coupe F22 (2012-2018), Coupe M2 F87 (2014-2018), Grand Tourer F46 (2014-2018);
  •  BMW 3 SeriesCoupe E92 (2008-2013), Convertible E93(2008- 2013), Gran Turismo F34(2012 – 2018), Sedan E90(2008 – 2012), Sedan F30(2011 – 2018), Sedan F35(2011 – 2018), Sedan M3 F80(2012 – 2018), Touring E91 (2008 – 2012), Touring F31(2011 – 2018);
  • BMW 4 Series Convertible F33(2013 – 2017), Coupé F32 (2012-2018), Gran Coupé F36 (2013-2018), M4 Convertible F83 (2013-2018), M4 Coupé F82 (2013-2018);
  • BMW 5 SeriesGran Turismo F07 (2008-2016), Sedan E60 (2008-2017),Sedan E60 (2008-2010), Sedan F10 (2009-2016), Wagon E61 (2008-2010), Sedan G30 (2015-2018), Sedan M5 F90 (2016-2018), Touring G31 (2016-2018), Wagon F11 (2009-2017);
  • BMW 6 SeriesConvertible E64 (2008-2010), Convertible F12 (2009-2018), Coupé E63 (2008-2010), Coupé F13 (2010-2015), Gran Coupé F06 (2011-2018), Gran Turismo G32 (2016-2018), Gran Turismo G32 (2017-2018);
  • BMW 7 SeriesHybrid F04 (2008-2012), Long Sedan F02 (2007-2015), Long Sedan F03 (2008-2012), Long Sedan G12 (2014-2018),Sedan F01 (2008-2015), Sedan G11 (2014-2018), Sedan G12 (2015-2018);
  • BMW i3 SeriesI01 (2013-2018);
  • BMW X1 SeriesCrossover E84 (2008-2015), Crossover F48 (2014-2018), Crossover F49 (2014-2018);
  • BMW X2 SeriesSUV F39 (2016-2018);
  • BMW X3 SeriesSUV E83 (2008-2010), SUV F25 (2009-2017), SUV G01 (2016-2018);
  • BMW X4 SeriesCrossover F26 (2013-2018);
  • BMW X5 SeriesSUV E70 (2008-2013), SUV F15 (2012-2018), SUV F85 (2013-2018);
  • BMW X6 SeriesCrossover E71 (2007-2014), Crossover F16 (2013-2018), Crossover M F86 (2013-2018), Hybrid E72 (2008-2011);
  • BMW Z4 SeriesRoadster E89 (2008-2016);
  • MiniClubman F54, F55, F56, Convertible F57, Countryman F60, Paceman R60, Paceman R61;
  • BMW i3 series: i3 (I01)


  1. CIC I NBT (ID4) cannot be recognised by the main menu interface. Check the LVDS connector on the back of the screen (4PIN it’s CIC, 6PIN it’s NBT).
  2. If you order wrong product, you will need cover return postage to us.


Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China

Model Number:

Product Features: Apple CarPlay, AirPlay,Android auto,Screen mirror,WIFI,Bluetooth, USB


2 Years

Connection Methods:

Wireless bluetooth or USB cable

Vioce control:

Apple Siri, Google Assistant


Apple CarPlay and Android auto

Operating Methods:

Steering Wheel, Knob, button,voice control


Parking sensor,Front and Reverse camera

System update:

Free update



Single Package Size:


Single gross weight: 1kg

Package content



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