Audi Equipment decoder by VIN


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Full VIN


Before purchasing a car, use the Audi equipment decoder!

A full list of equipment will help you when inspecting the car. You will be able to check whether elements such as headlights, seat belts and windows match the car’s production date. Additionally, you will check whether the car left the factory with the equipment specified by the seller. You will be able to check the type of gearbox, drive and the exact engine code.

What does the equipment list include?

  • full list of Audi equipment
  • the exact production date of the car
  • country of origin
  • engine designation
  • gearbox designation
  • paint code
  • readable PDF file
  • delivery time up to 48 hours
  • equipment for cars from all over the world (also available for cars from the USA and Canada)


Do you have sticker with equipment codes? Check this page – click.


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