Audi MMI 3G Plus 6.24.0 8R0060884JE – Latest maps for USA / CANADA / MEXICO

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Audi MMI 3G Plus 6.24.0 8R0060884JE: Discover the Latest Maps for USA, Canada, and Mexico

Navigate with Confidence and Precision

Upgrade your Audi MMI 3G Plus system with the latest maps and experience seamless navigation across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The Audi MMI 3G Plus 6.24.0 8R0060884JE provides you with up-to-date maps and precise navigation data, ensuring you never miss a turn and always arrive at your destination with confidence.

Explore with Updated Maps

Embark on your journeys with updated maps that reflect the ever-changing landscapes of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The Audi MMI 3G Plus 6.24.0 8R0060884JE includes detailed maps, enriched with accurate points of interest, road networks, and landmarks. Discover new places, attractions, and hidden gems along your route, and navigate smoothly through bustling cities and scenic routes.

Stay Informed with Advanced Features

With the latest maps, you’ll benefit from advanced navigation features that enhance your driving experience. Real-time traffic updates keep you informed about congestions and suggest alternative routes to save time. Lane guidance assists you in making precise lane changes, ensuring you never miss an exit. Additionally, 3D landmarks provide a more immersive and intuitive navigation experience.

Effortless Installation and Compatibility

Installing the Audi MMI 3G Plus 6.24.0 8R0060884JE is a straightforward process. Simply follow the provided instructions, and you’ll have the latest maps at your fingertips. The software is designed to be compatible with Audi vehicles equipped with the MMI 3G Plus system, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Upgrade your Audi effortlessly and enjoy the benefits of up-to-date navigation.

Embrace the Power of Innovation

With the Audi MMI 3G Plus 6.24.0 8R0060884JE, you’ll have access to Audi’s latest advancements in navigation technology. Benefit from improved accuracy, updated points of interest, and innovative features that enhance your driving experience. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the power of innovation with the latest maps for your Audi MMI 3G Plus system.

Product no.: 6.24.0 8R0060884JE

This is Audi OEM maps update for MMI 3G Plus! (We have got also update for MMI 3G High – click here).

After clear payment you will receive links to download, there is 14,6 GB to download!

What’s in pack

  • MMI 3G Plus maps update.
  • License for maps.

How to check what’s my MMI? Click here.

How to install?

Instructions how to install, you can find on our website:

  1. How to install maps.
  2. Common problems during maps / firmware update.

This maps update needs latest firmware to be installed first.

At this moment latest firmware for MMI 3G Plus:

  • HN+R_US_AU_K0942_3 (click)
  • HN+_US_AU3G_K0942_6 (click)

How to recognise your MMI firmware version? Click here.

If you have a problem with unzipping files, please use 7zip, also if it shows you that files is corrupted it mean that files are not properly downloaded, the best way is to use some download manager – like jdownloader.

Delivery options

  1. After purchase you can download all files in to your computer and put them on to SDCARD

Please keep in mind there’s lots of GB to download! if something going wrong, please contact with us! We will create cloud account for you to download all files.

Also yahoo/outlook sometimes blocking our emails or treating them as a spam/junk to please also check that folder, if our message will go straight to the spam, you can click there on option “It’s not a spam” after that all our emails will go straight to your inbox. We are not sending any SPAM / adds.

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    We’ll worth it, and like they say, watch and read all of the tutorials and you won’t have any issues…….quality customer service

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