Audi MMI to USB Cable interface

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Want to listen to the music from USB? Or maybe you’re looking for an easy way to connect an external HDD drive with Audi map updates? We present you a simple solution – Audi MMI connector (MMI to USB)! It is compatible with most of the MMI types, and also Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI). Learn more about our Audi MMI adapter and order now!

USB Audi MMI adapter – simple solution, multiple functionalities

One, simple cable can change the way you use your car’s infotainment system and make every drive even more pleasurable. With our Audi MMI cable with USB adapter you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music from external USB devices, like USB flash stick or HDD drive – and that’s not all! Thanks to this simple Audi MMI cord you’ll also be able to charge your smartphone during driving. With the ability to connect any USB device to the MMI the installation of map updates will also be easier – you won’t need SD cards, just memory stick or external HDD. As you can see, one simple Audi MMI adapter can make your life easier – simply plug the cord into the MMI and enjoy your favorite music and easily accessible phone charging whenever you want!

Audi MMI cable (MMI to USB) – how does it work?

The Audi MMI to USB cable is a simple solution that can be used with most of the MMI types. To use it you have to plug the MMI-to-USB cable into your infotainment system and activate the AUX mode in the MMI. After that you’ll be able to listen to the music from USB stick via the Audi Music Interface (AMI).

Important! Note that you won’t be able to change songs via the MMI system, and also the playlist will not be displayed on the system’s screen. However, you’ll be able to change songs and display the playlist on your smartphone.

Audi MMI cord – compatibility with MMI types

The presented Audi MMI connector is compatible with the most popular MMI types. You can use it in car models with MMI 2G, 3G, and 3G+. Not sure what type of MMI you’ve got? Just go to the Engineering Menu of your infotainment system and check the firmware version. Type it down in our Check Upgrade Tool – it’ll show you the MMI type, and also whether there’s a firmware or map update available. If you have MMI 2G / 3G/ 3G+ you can buy our Audi MMI USB cord without hesitation!

However, this USB connector is compatible not only with MMI system used in Audi. You can also use it to connect USB devices to Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI). Want to make sure whether the cable is compatible with your VW? Just contact us!

  • Listen the music files in the USB stick via the Audi Music Interface (AMI) / Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI).
  • The USB port can be used as a charger for your smartphone or to read USB Flash stick for music.
  • You have to activate the AUX mode in the MMI system in order to use this product. Please note that you can only change songs from the smartphone, no control over music from the MMI system. The playlist will not be displayed on the screen.
  • Compatible with MDI, MMI 2G / 3G / 3G +.
  • You can do also map updates via this cable & plugged in memory stick / external HDD

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