Audi Q3 8U / F3 Sound Booster Active exhaust kit with Bluetooth


Sound Booster Pro with Bluetooth – now with downloadable software

Sound Booster is a solution that simulates a high-volume engine (V6 / V8) or creates a new unique sound characteristic of your car. The basis of the system is a sound generator, produced by the world leader in this field, eberspächer, which receives information about the engine operation through an electrical system associated with signal converters, converting this signal into a sound about acoustics from cars with V6 / V8 engines.

The solutions of our partner, are dedicated to almost every car make and model. The condition is the CAN system that controls the engine. The system can be installed on the vehicle chassis or inside the vehicle (spare wheel). If you have a factory Active Sound System in your car, expand it with Sound Booster PRO – a proprietary product, extending and improving the sound from factory sound generators. Sound Booster is an ideal solution to be able to enjoy the sound of the car without the need for fuel-consuming engines and care for the environment. The active sound system can be turned on by pressing the button, which will immediately put the speaker in the car to sleep.

The system at a glance:

  • Audi is familiar with this system, where it is installed ex works for all TDI engines with 313 hp
  • The external sound generator “simulates” a high-volume engine and partially reduces the typical noise of TDI diesel engines
  • This sound is achieved without a sports exhaust system
  • Level 1 offers a very decent sound for noise sensitive areas
  • The Sound Booster PRO gives the system a unique sound
  • The remaining levels of sounds are generated by powerful V6 / V8 engines (depending on configuration)
  • LED status indicator for easy installation
  • Sound Booster PRO is an additional 6 sound profiles
  • The choice of profiles from the radio button of the remote control (option) or through the integrated operation of the button in the car
  • We recommend installing the button in the front part of the vehicle in the driver’s area of operation
  • Customize profiles and create your own maps through the available software or application

Compatible with:

  • Audi Q3 8U
  • Audi Q3 F3

Before you buy:

Before purchasing, download the manual and check that there is enough space in the vehicle for the external noise generator on the chassis. Due to the different equipment and variants of the same car model, it is possible that the chosen position on the vehicle chassis may not provide enough space in individual cases.

Kit composition:

  • Sound Booster Active control unit
  • Sound generator with mounting bracket
  • Sound Booster PRO – generator of additional sound settings
  • Downloadable software for individual setting of sound profiles
  • Connection harnesses in the car
  • Bluetooth module (control via smartphone application)
  • Connection instructions


  • Retrofitting changes the noise level of the vehicle, environmental standards must be complied with. Please note that the use of the product is at the customer’s own risk. It is forbidden to use the device on public roads
  • Please download the manual before purchasing and check the seat on the chassis
  • Retrofitting changes the noise level of the vehicle, environmental standards must be complied with.



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