Bluetooth and AUX module for Audi with MMI 3G navigation

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Stream music via Bluetooth and AUX module for Audi with MMI 3G navigation

Since we have something that will allow Audi owners with MMI 2G navigation to play music from USB, AUX or Bluetooth, it’s time for Audi owners with MMI 3G. In a nutshell, the presented device will allow you to play music on BT and AUX in your Audi with MMI 3G navigation.

Audi MMI 3G – characteristics
From the outside, it looks like you have a 7 “color display (better resolution than MMI 2G High). In addition, the MMI 3G hallmark are two slots for memory cards. However, to not rely on what you see from the outside, you need to look at the software version You do it with the buttons like this: CAR -> SETUP / MENU -> select “Version” and read the versions. They can look like this:

  • BNav_XX_XXXXX (which is MMI 3G Basic/Low)
  • HNav_XX_XXXXX (which is MMI 3G High)

How to connect Bluetooth in Audi

Now that we have established that our Bluetooth module is for your Audi (A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5, Q7) you can proceed to connecting the BT module in Audi. Our module is basically intended for B2B sales, so you won’t find assembly instructions in the set. If you want to connect this module as a private person, there are no obstacles. Please find attached the installation instructions for the Bluetooth module in Audi.

The whole trick is to connect the fiber optic cable to the Audi installation and provide a constant power supply.

Note: MMI 3G in Audi can only support one additional CD changer. For this reason, in order for the presented module to work properly (the module “pretends to be a CD changer”) it is necessary to physically disconnect the original changer if you have in your Audi.

Bluetooth in Audi MMI 3G

You already have a module connected, it’s time to take a look at how to operate the AUX and Bluetooth connectors on the MMI 3G screen. As you know, the module is integrated with the Audi system so you can control all the basic music playback functions even from the steering wheel. If you are streaming music in the correct format, you should also see the song title and other information on the screen.

How to operate the Bluetooth module in Audi

Navigation between sources is simple (in the attachments you will find the user manual). So you press:

  • MEDIA -> SOURCE (AUX and Bluetooh are displayed; AUX supports line input, BT wireless music transmission)
  • the BT module in Audi will remember the last sound source, so the next time you play the music from the last source
  • AUX does not control external devices
  • pairing password: 1234
  • if you want to display track information you must select SETUP -> select “Display track info”
  • Audi’s Bluetooth module will attempt to connect to the last paired device

Only one additional device can be connected to the MMI installation in Audi!

What’s in Box?

  • BT module.
  • Cable with RCA inputs.
  • Fibre optic.


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