Bluetooth emulator changer with AUX and Handsfree calls! – Chorus / Symphony / Concert / RNS-E

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Thanks to this ingenious device you will forget about the uncomfortable changing of CDs, jams on unevenness, or the need to clean the laser. Now you can hear music (via Bluetooth or AUX input) from your smartphone or tablet from the speakers of your car. This is not the end of the advantages of the changer emulator, because it will also serve as a Handsfree!

How does the changer emulator work?

is cheating on your radio by pretending to be a standard CD changer. The device transforms music from Bluetooth or AUX input and creates a standard compatible with your CD changer, understood by your radio. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe for the radio.

Installing the emulator

Installation is very simple, because the equipment manufacturers have equipped the product with a dedicated 12-pin Fakra or 8-pin plug for the models listed below. Just plug it into the back of the radio and you can enjoy new functions without interfering with the car’s electrical system. The MP3 changer also requires no additional power supply. So do not think about batteries, power supplies, or pulling the cable from the cigarette lighter around the cockpit. The small size of the module will not cause you any problems during the installation and you can easily fit it in the glove box, armrest or any other convenient place for you.

Steering wheel control and speakerphone

The device will be interpreted as a typical CD player, so you will be able to control it from the multifunction steering wheel (if your car has one). In addition, it can be used as a speakerphone. It automatically mutes the music flowing from the changer on an incoming call and makes it loud after the call. This model of the emulator has additional “MUTE”, “TEL +” and “TEL -” cables, thanks to which, when properly connected to the radio, even when listening to music from a source other than the changer, the sound will be muted (when a connection comes in), and You will hear a short ringing signal from the speakers. To answer a call, simply press the “CD” button on the radio. An external microphone is also included.

Music streaming thanks to A2DP technology and more

The emulator gives you the ability to stream music from your phone directly to the speakers (using Bluetooth A2DP) or connect any audio source via the AUX socket (e.g. mp3 player, phone, iPhone). No more CDs and losing songs from your phone to memory cards.

USB port – additional charger

The USB port is used for charging this phone. We know well that in the age of smartphones, each additional plug with charging can prove invaluable.

Changer emulator compatibility

The changer emulator is compatible with the following VW headunits:

  • Audi A2
  • Audi A3
  • Audi A4
  • Audi A6
  • Audi A8
  • Audi TT

and units:

  • Chorus II (cassette, CD),
  • Concert II (cassette, CD),
  • Symphony I (CD),
  • Symphony II (CD),
  • Symphony III (CD),
  • Nawigation Plus (CD),
  • RNS-E (CD)

How to recon which connector do I need 12 or 8pin?

The easiest way to check this, you’ll need to pull off your radio and check manually what’s on the back of your stereo.

If you will see this:

and cables connected looks like that:

Then you need to select 12PIN, 

for 8pin it should looks like that:


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