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BMW Super-Tools Virtual Machine: Empower Your BMW Diagnostics and Coding

Unleash the Power of BMW Super-Tools

Take control of your BMW’s diagnostics and coding capabilities with the BMW Super-Tools Virtual Machine. This comprehensive package includes ISTA+, ESYS, FSC reader & generator, and Rheingold, providing you with the tools you need to unlock advanced features, perform in-depth diagnostics, and personalize your BMW experience.

ISTA+: Advanced Diagnostics Made Easy

With ISTA+, the advanced diagnostic software included in the BMW Super-Tools Virtual Machine, you can access a wealth of information about your BMW’s systems, modules, and components. Perform comprehensive scans, read fault codes, analyze live data, and perform special functions with ease. ISTA+ empowers you to diagnose and troubleshoot issues like a professional, saving you time and money.

ESYS: Personalize Your BMW

ESYS, another powerful tool in the BMW Super-Tools Virtual Machine, allows you to customize and personalize your BMW’s features and settings. From enabling hidden features to coding new functionalities, ESYS gives you the flexibility to tailor your BMW to your preferences. Unlock exciting possibilities and make your BMW truly unique.

FSC Reader & Generator: Enable Map Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest maps in your BMW’s navigation system using the FSC reader & generator. This tool enables you to generate valid FSC codes, allowing you to install and activate map updates effortlessly. Enjoy accurate and reliable navigation on your BMW’s built-in display, ensuring you always take the best routes and discover new destinations.

Rheingold: Professional-Level Diagnostics

Rheingold is a comprehensive diagnostic and programming tool that empowers you to delve deeper into your BMW’s systems. Perform advanced coding, module programming, and adaptations to optimize your BMW’s performance and functionality. Rheingold offers a professional-level diagnostic experience, giving you the confidence to tackle complex tasks and unleash the full potential of your BMW.

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface

The BMW Super-Tools Virtual Machine is designed for easy installation and hassle-free operation. Simply follow the provided instructions to set up the virtual machine on your computer, and you’ll have access to a suite of powerful BMW diagnostic and coding tools. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and intuitive experience, even for those new to BMW diagnostics and coding.

To use some of this application you might need also ENET cable.

After unpacking the file size is about 124GB.

File size to download: 64,95GB

List of installed and activated applications:

  • 1B CIC FSC file reader.
  • DE NBT FSC file reader.
  • E-Sys.
  • BMW FSC Generator.
  • Ediabas konfigurator.
  • HU service manager.
  • ISTA.
  • iTool radar.
  • NcdCafdTool.
  • New FSC Generator.
  • ZGW.

BMW Training files:

  • F01H-F02H Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1213 F01H-F02H Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1214 F30H Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1215 N26 Engine.pdf
  • ST1217 Noise Analysis.pdf
  • ST1301 F31 Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1302 M Carbon Ceramic Brake System.pdf
  • ST1304 F34 Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1305 N47TU Engine.pdf
  • ST1306 N57TU Engine.pdf
  • ST1307 SCR 2_US.pdf
  • ST1309 5 Series LCI.pdf
  • ST1312 01_Introduction and Body.pdf
  • ST1312 02_Powertrain and Chassis Dynamics.pdf
  • ST1312 03_General Vehicle Electronics.pdf
  • ST1312 04_Driver Assistance Systems.pdf
  • ST1312 Cover.pdf
  • ST1313 01_F22 Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1313 Cover.pdf
  • ST1314 F33 Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1319 BMW Panorama Glass Sunroof.pdf
  • ST1401 01_Principles of Hybrid Technology.pdf
  • ST1401 02_F10H Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1401 03_F30H Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1401 04_F01H-F02H Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1401 Cover.pdf
  • ST1402 F80-F82 Complete Vehicle.pdf
  • ST1403a 01_I01 Product Presentation.pdf
  • ST1403a 02_Handling BMW i Vehicles.pdf
  • ST1403a 03_I01 Body Repair Level 1.pdf
  • ST1403a 04_I01 Chassis and Suspension.pdf
  • ST1403a 05_I01 General Vehicle Electronics.pdf
  • ST1403a 06_I01 High-voltage Components.pdf
  • ST1403a 07_I01 Driver Assistance Systems.pdf
  • ST1403a 08_I01 Heating and AC Systems.pdf
  • ST1403a 09_I01 Information and Communication.pdf
  • ST1403a 10_I01 Passive Safety System.pdf
  • ST1403a 11_I01 Displays and Controls.pdf
  • ST1403a 12_W20 Engine.pdf
  • ST1403a Cover.pdf
  • ST1403b 00_ST1403b Cover.pdf
  • ST1403b 01_I01 High-voltage Battery Unit.pdf
  • ST1404 S55 Engine.pdf
  • ST1404 Workshop Equipment 04a_ISIS.pdf
  • ST1408 01_I12 Product Presentation.pdf
  • ST1408 02_I12 Body Repair Level 1.pdf
  • ST1408 03_I12 Powertrain.pdf
  • ST1408 04_I12 Chassis and Suspension.pdf
  • ST1408 05_I12 General Vehicle Electronics.pdf
  • ST1408 06_I12 High-voltage Components.pdf
  • ST1408 07_I12 Driver Assistance Systems.pdf
  • ST1408 08_I12 Heating and AC Systems.pdf
  • ST1408 09_I12 Information and Communication.pdf
  • ST1408 10_I12 Passive Safety System.pdf
  • ST1408 11_I12 Displays and Controls.pdf
  • ST1408 12_I12 High-voltage Battery Unit.pdf
  • ST1408 Cover.pdf
  • ST1411 F25 LCI_F26 Complete Vehicle_web.pdf
  • ST1450 01_Introduction to BMW.pdf
  • ST1450 02_Features and Technology.pdf
  • ST1450 03_Information Resources.pdf
  • ST1450 06_Service and Maintenance.pdf
  • ST1450 07_PuMA.pdf
  • ST1450 08_Basic Measuring Tools.pdf
  • ST1450 Cover.pdf
  • ST1450 Intro to Brake Systems and Service 09b_EMF Parking Brake.pdf
  • ST1450 Intro to Brake Systems and Service 09c_M Carbon Ceramic Brake System.pdf
  • ST1450 Intro to Brakes Systems and Service 09a_Hydraulic Brake Systems.pdf
  • ST1450 Workshop Applications 05a_ISTA.pdf
  • ST1450 Workshop Applications 05b_IMIB.pdf
  • ST1450 Workshop Applications 05c_Understanding Diagnostics.pdf
  • ST1450 Workshop Applications 05d_Coding and Programming.pdf
  • ST1450 Workshop Equipment 04b_ISID.pdf
  • ST1450 Workshop Equipment 04c_ICOM.pdf
  • ST1450 Workshop Equipment 04d_IMIB.pdf
  • ST1450 Workshop Equipment 04e_ISAP.pdf
  • ST1451 01_Intro to BMW Engines and Service.pdf
  • ST1451 03_Electrical Measuring Equipment and Procedures.pdf
  • ST1451 05_Intro to Passive Safety.pdf
  • ST1451 06_Intro to ActiveHybrid and Safety.pdf
  • ST1451 07_Intro to Wheels-Tires and Service.pdf
  • ST1451 08_Intro to Information and Communication.pdf
  • ST1451 Cover.pdf
  • ST1451 Heating and Air Conditioning 02a_Climate Control Systems and Service.pdf
  • ST1451 Heating and Air Conditioning 02b_Engine Cooling-Heating Service.pdf
  • ST1451 Introduction to Power Supply and Management 04a_Power Supply.pdf
  • ST1451 Introduction to Power Supply and Management 04b_Power Management.pdf

BMW Coding manuals

  • Get 1B file from Exx CIC WITHOUT ICOM.pdf
  • Beginners Guide Coding ESYS.docx
  • Beginners Guide Coding.pdf
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F01 – For 5GT and 7 Series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F10 – For 5 and 6 series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F15 – For X5 and X6 series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F22 – For 2 series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F25 – For X3 and X4 series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F30 – For 3 and 4 series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F48 – For X1 Series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F56 – For MINI Cooper and Cooper S.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F80 – For M3 and M4 series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – F85 – For X5M and X6M series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – I01 – For i3 series.docx
  • BMW Coding Parameters – I12 – For i8 series.docx
  • bmw codings.xlsx
  • DIY Cruise Control F30 F20.pdf
  • E-Sys – Flashing ECU Guide.pdf
  • E9x Alpina B3 Trans Flash.pdf
  • EBT_CIC.pdf
  • EBT_NBT_or_EVO.pdf
  • Enable Rear Camera.pdf
  • ESYS Tutorial.docx
  • Euro LED Headlights How To.pdf
  • Fog Light Switch Mod.pdf
  • How to Access iDrive Service Menu.pdf
  • How To Generate Navi Maps Update FSC Code with ESYS and Navi Toolkit.pdf
  • How to Inject CAFD into SVT.pdf
  • Java Virtual Machine Launcher Error Fix.pdf
  • Navi Maps Update – FSC Code Generation Instructions.pdf
  • Running ESYS in Low Memory Environments.pdf
  • Seat Heating Cooling.pdf
  • Sirius FSC Import Instructions.pdf
  • SRS and DTC Reset with ESYS.pdf
  • VO Coding Step-by-Step Guide.pdf

How to use?

This is virtual machine like a separate computer. You need to use VirtualBox to use this on Windows based computer or Parallels Desktop to use on macOS computers (yes you can use on Mac, parallels will convert this image so you can use it on macOS as well).

  1. Go to VirtualBox Downloads and click on “Windows hosts” to download VirtualBox for Windows or click on “OSX hosts” to download VirtualBox for MAC OSX;
  2. Also download “VirtualBox Extension Pack” in both above cases (Windows and MAC);
  3. Start the installer. Next, next, next. No complicated stuff, just an install.
  4. If you don’t have 7zip installed, install 7zip (download here), or for macOS The Unarchiver.
  5. Go to the folder where you downloaded “WIN10-BMW.7z” right click on it > 7-Zip > Extract to “WIN10-BMW” (make sure you have ~170GB free!);
  6. Open VirtualBox;
    Press CTRL A,
    Go to the folder where you unpacked “WIN10-BMW.7z” archive, select “WIN10-BMW.vbox”, click open;page3image3838255808
  7. Network configuration
    In order to successfully connect to your car, before starting the virtual machine, be sure to check this:
    Click CTRL S to start the Settings screen;
    Go to Network tab;


    Be sure below settings are correct.
    Attached to: BRIDGED ADAPTER is selected; Name:Select Ethernet Adapter that your laptop/desktop has.

    Click OK.
    Start the VM.


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    works OK on win11 through virtual box.

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