Etka 8.6 updated 03.2024


This is VirtualBox image with latest Etka 8.6 updated up to 03/2024.

Online price updates available!

This is a full version of the Original VW/SEAT/SKODA/AUDI Electronic Parts Catalogue including the latest updates.

To keep it running forever, change the date in the image back to 3.2024 or to the month the last update was made.

How to install

Download all files in to one place! Use 7zip to unpack just first file .001.

Download and install VirtualBox from here, it’s available for Windows / Linux / MacOS.

For Installation instructions please check this tutorial.

Note: VIN SEARCH DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK OR CAN GIVE WRONG INFORMATION with this version. No guarantee on long run updates, it may change depending on development.
Download and place all files to a single folder and extract using the latest version of

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