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Keyless Protector – Car protection against theft “on a suitcase”

Cars with keyless configuration for Premium cars. Unfortunately, as a convenience to you, as a driver is an opportunity for a thief. The “suitcase” theft method is supported for the lives of amateurs of someone else’s property who benefit from the convenience of the keyless system. It is said that a professional criminal needs 6 seconds to steal a main car with a keyless system. Fortunately, the protection method, i.e. Keyless Protector, has been developed.

How easy it is to steal a car

The trick is capturing the key signal. And it doesn’t matter that you’re sitting in front of the set on the first floor of the house and the key is in the jacket pocket in the hallway. You can also have a key in the socket and eat dinner with your wife in a restaurant. It can also be that you are standing shopping at the casino in the supermarket. The scanner is able to capture the pilot signal from up to 8 meters. The theft procedure is such that one thief stores the signal using the sensitivity of the receiver – the scanner, which he often has in his suitcase in your car and after authorization, he drives away without problems.

Polish technical thought versus car thieves

The situation described above (attempted car theft) happened to the inventor and constructor of the Keyless Protector device. It is worth noting here that the protection against theft method “for a suitcase” was invented by a Pole. Fortunately, the cars were not stolen then, but potential thieves gave the engineer food for thought … and this is how the Keyless Protector was created, which is a simple and effective protection against theft of a car with a keyless system.

Protection against car thieves

The idea of security turned out to be simple, although no one had ever come across it before. The Keyless Protector is simply a smart key power off system. Thanks to this, the remote control does not generate anything when it is not needed and the thieves cannot intercept and copy the signal. Therefore, at the starting point, there is no chance, even if one of them scanned a suitcase near your home and looked for happiness, it will not achieve anything, because the key with the power cut off will not generate a signal.

No more car theft with the “on the suitcase” method

The Keyless Protector uses a digital motion sensor and microprocessor with advanced software. The processor analyzes human movement and keys power to the remote control at the right moment, causing it to turn on or off. Special algorithms recognize e.g. when you go, so you left the car and the key must be locked, whether you are still driving it and the remote control can work. So much and so much. How does it look practically from your side as a car owner with a keyless system?

When you get out of the car

After driving, the device is virtually maintenance free. After switching off the engine and leaving the car, you literally do nothing. The KeyLess Protector microprocessor detects typical vibration for the steps taken and deactivates the key by cutting off the power. All you have to do is move away from the car for 20-30 steps and Keylees Protector secures the key. The same happens if you leave the key stationary for about a minute. This happens, for example, when you leave the key in a jacket pocket in the hallway. Of course, there are more complicated situations in life. It may be that you leave the car, take 5 steps, stop at the store shelf, then the next few steps, the next shelf etc. Will the algorithm recognize this situation and secure the car? Well yes!

When you want to open your car

The device requires some operation when you want to open the car. Suppose you have a secure key in your trouser pocket or purse. You approach a closed car and with a firm movement of the hand you have to tap the key twice, i.e. hit the pocket. The algorithm is so good that the key will not unlock e.g. by hitting it in the hand. The time between one hit and the other is about 1 second and you just need to learn and stick to this pace. In this way the key becomes active and you open the car. These two taps with an interval of 1 second is a guarantee that the security will not be mistaken and will activate the key supply only at the right moment – exactly at your request and when you are at the car.

Keyless Protector – How to protect yourself against theft with a suitcase

All you have to do is attach a special clip to the remote control battery. You open the key housing, remove the battery from the holder, attach the clip paying attention to the “+” and “-” poles. Then put the battery back in the remote control. If necessary, you have a pressure sponge in the set. If you do everything gently, you have a secured car against thieves stealing with the “on the suitcase” method.

This is not the first idea to secure a remote control

Admittedly, there were and there are other ideas for securing the “automatic” remote control. Wrapping it in aluminum foil when not in use is one of the cheapest. The foil is intended to screen and limit radio wave propagation generated by the pilot. A cheap and even effective way, but not very comfortable and completely inelegant. Some, after returning home, put the remote control in a special metal box, e.g. chocolates (there are also those who hide the remote control in the foil in the fridge). But what about securing the remote control in a supermarket, restaurant in the queue to the doctor and hundreds of other places where you go? A special case has also gained popularity – I don’t know I haven’t tested effectiveness, but continuous insertion and removal can be tedious and discouraging, not to mention that we can forget about it. Anyway, inserting and lecturing the “automatic” remote control from and to the case deprives it of its flagship function – maintenance-free. Polish KeyLess Protector responds to all these ills and needs.

Why Keyless Protector?

Obviously because it protects your expensive car against theft “on a suitcase”. Why else

  • Keyless Protector does not drain the remote control battery
  • Keyless Protector does not interfere with the car’s electrical system, so you do not lose the warranty
  • Keyless Protector after power cut will not decode the key, because modern keys have built-in permanent memory
  • Keyless Protector is probably the first such solution in the world
  • Keyless Protector is a Polish product
  • the cost of the device is about two tanks of fuel (while the scanner for theft “on a suitcase” can be bought for about 100 Euro.)

What in pack?

  • Keyless Protector – protection against car theft “on a suitcase”
  • installation and use manual in English


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