Mib MST2 Apple CarPlay / Android Auto activation script – Volkswagen only


Type in your Audi model, for example Audi A6

Type in your car production or manufacture year for example: 2014.
Only numbers.

Please add here what’s your current firmware version. How to check? Please click here

This is activation script for any Mib MST2 units. VOLKSWAGEN ONLY

This script activate Apple CarPlay / Android Auto functionality, in additional Voice Control and Sport Monitor.

Supported car firmwares

go to Software Update/Versions, find SW Train and confirm that it starts with MST2 and ends with D. For example: MST2_EU_VW_P0891D

  • MST2_xx_VW_x02xxD
  • MST2_xx_VW_x06xxD
  • MST2_xx_VW_x08xxD
  • MST2_xx_VW_x9xxxD

Very easy to use. Click here to check installation manual


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