Set of xenon lamps H7 4300K 1068 CAN



Xenon H7 CAN Bus 4300 K set

  • First of all, like Philips or Hellia, it belongs to the few producers of advanced lighting systems, which tests its laboratory solutions. The tests are confirmed by certificates and approvals, which unfortunately is not yet a standard at other suppliers.
  • Secondly, xenon enhances road safety. The xenon H7 kit emits much more light than factory halogen lamps (xenon generates 3000 lm, halogen 1400 lm). This ensures that we notice the danger early and react faster.
  • Third, xenon lamps are more effective than halogen lamps. Xenons provide 3200 lm at 42W of energy consumed, where halogens reach 2500 lm from 70W. Lower energy consumption means cheaper operation, above all lower fuel consumption, and by the way, by reducing gas emissions, we contribute to environmental protection.
  • Fourthly, xenon has a long service life of up to 3,000 hours, which is enough to drive with the lights on 180,000 km on at an average speed of 60 km / h. Halogens will not reach even half of these values.
  • Fifth, this xenon H7 kit has 1068 digital converters based on CAN bus. These are extremely advanced systems that guarantee trouble-free operation with any car. In many cases, connecting the HID system causes computer errors, CB radio interference, or a car-audio system. The xenon converters have been designed so that they are invisible for the on-board computer, and the presence of interference suppression filters allows trouble-free operation of other electronic devices in the car.
  • Sixth, xenon are very attractive, they will improve the overall design of the car, giving it dynamics, rapacity and prestige. The H7 xenon kit is a combination of the latest technology and savings.

H7 xenon lamps

The store supplies this set with xenon lamps with a colour temperature of 4300K (white light, with a yellow component).

H7 xenon kit – specifications:

  1. supply voltage from 9V to 32V
  2. average current consumption about 3.7A (1 converter)
  3. maximum current consumption <6.5A (1 converter)
  4. 35W-55W output power (1 converter)
  5. operating temperature from -40oC to + 105oC


  • 2x xenon lamp H7 4300K (white light similar to daylight)
  • 2x xenon converter
  • inverter holders


  • xenon converters 12 months
  • xenon lamps 6 months


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